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June 29, 2019

Calling all Super Heroes! Gavin Flying for a Cure is hosting a 5K Run/Walk on June 29, 2019, starting at 9 am at Levee Park. The Super Kid's Fun Run 1/2 mile race will start at 8:30 am. The event is to raise money for The Leukodystophy Center at The University Of Minnesota's Masonic Children's Hospital. All proceeds will go towards The Gavin Quimby Research Fund. Join us in in helping children with leukodystrophy!


Super Kids Fun Run

Children ages 12 and under are encouraged to sign up for the Super Kid's Fun Run! Starting at 8:30 am, the kids will do a short dash around the Levee before the big race. The kids will receive their own cape with registration. 

Super Kids Fun Run Registration


We’ve developed a race route new to Winona. This unique route will give racers a new 5K experience while enjoying the beautiful Winona levee area with view of the Mississippi River! Stay tuned for more information!


The Gavin Quimby Research Fund

Our Mission


Gavin Flying For A Cure was created to honor Gavin Quimby (Super Gav) and to bring awareness to Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD). MLD is a devastating, genetic, neurological disease that Gavin was diagnosed with at age three and died of complications from treatment at age five. His parents Nick and Shanna Quimby along with Senator Jeremy Miller and Minnesota's Newborn Screening Committee passed a bill named The Super Gav Act to test newborns for several rare diseases.

This Newborn Screening bill was made to detect and treat diseases successfully before symptoms present. Since The Super Gav Act came into effect in February 2017, over 61,000 babies have been tested and 12 HAVE COME BACK POSITIVE FOR ALD! These children are now being monitored at The Leukodystrophy Center at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital. These children now have a future because of Newborn Screening.   

The Gavin Quimby Research Fund was established by The Calliope Joy Foundation in 2018 to raise money for the University of Minnesota's Masonic Children's Hospital. Funds raised go to leukodystrophy gene therapy research and doctors at the Leukodystrophy Center. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE GAVIN QUIMBY RESEARCH FUND 

Gavin was treated at this hospital by Dr. Paul Orchard, and other truly exceptional specialists with a bone marrow transplant to treat MLD. 

Although the treatment was unsuccessful for Gavin we will always hold these wonderful people in our hearts for all that they did for us. The staff at the U of M Masonic Children's Hospital always had hope, strength, love, and an endless fight to give Gavin the best treatments possible. Because of this, we want to honor our son by helping other children like him by utilizing The Super Gav Act for early Newborn Screening detection for leukodystrophy.

Gavin's Story

 To see more of Gavin's story visit the Gavin Flying for a Cure Facebook page. CLICK HERE  

Super Gav Video

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